Investment Properties

This office was founded on being a primary source of knowledge and guidance, for and by investors.  Whether you are looking to purchase your first or your twentieth investment, or are looking to gain the maximum resale price on your 300 unit complex, we have the experience and competence necessary to guide you through.

Some of the things our investor-branch specializes in:

  • Buying / Selling Residential (1 to 4 unit) Buildings
  • Buying / Selling apartment complexes, ranging from 5 units to 500
  • Assisting the investor in running due diligence on a purchase
  • Analyzing Rehab properties (is it really a deal?)
  • Analyzing rental properties (how much will this property actually cashflow?)
  • Connecting buyers & sellers with our business partners & team members:
    • Investor-Friendly Attorneys
    • CPAs
    • 1031 Intermediaries
    • Contractors
    • Property Managers
    • Mortgage Brokers & Lenders
    • Alternative Funding Contacts
    • Financial Planners
    • Credit Repair / Financial Planning Specialists
    • Evaluating lease option / rent to own opportunities
    • Short Sales & Foreclosure Sales
    • Other distressed real estate (buying & selling)

As many of our agents are investors themselves, they know firsthand the challenges and pitfalls working through these deals.  The office also has a steady stream of wholesale opportunities (undervalued real estate) for the right buyers.

Let us help you reach your financial goals, through real estate!

Contact Us today to get started on purchasing, or selling your investment.