Short Sale Specialists

We are seeing drastic effects on homeowners from both the bad mortgages drawn up in 2005-2008 as well as the lasting effects of the sluggish economy.

Job loss, medical emergencies, cuts in pay, and spiking expenses have left homeowners with even more financial stress.  These homeowners have tried desperately to work with their lenders on getting loan modifications, which for many lenders, were just a front they put up to get government money to help cover their losses.

The reality for many homeowners still facing financial troubles or even a pending foreclosure, is to pursue a short sale option. We strongly suggest they do this with a reputable company that has a track record of proven success and can steer them in the right direction – including explaining the different possible outcomes (both good and bad) and the best way we can eliminate lasting effects.

AA Premier Properties LLC is proud to be affiliated with Short Sale Mitigation, LLC, a mitigation service that NEVER charges the homeowner any fees, understands sensitive situations, and only gets compensated in the event of a successful short sale transaction.

We work hand in hand with them on ensuring all parties (buyers, buyer agents, attorneys, closing agent, their lender, and the buyer’s lender) are always on the same page, and we do our best to qualify and prepare all buyers for what they may face as they put an offer in on one of these properties.

Short sales are becoming increasingly difficult in this market. With the rapidly changing laws and regulations, required disclosures, lender guidelines and submission systems, why try and find your way through these murky waters alone?

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Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Buyers & Investors:

SSM is proudly assisting other real estate agents and attorney firms in handling their negotiations as well – focus on building your business, not on sitting on hold contacting lenders. Leave it to the professionals with the systems in place to get it done right.